Doing business in a foreign market isn't easy. Businesses face innumerable challenges of which one of the most common challenge is native language of the country. Inappropriate translations can cause misuderstandings that can at times be hilarious or can be disastrous that might lead to your doom.

When translating Thai original into English, you should NEVER assume that the translation done by your translator is an actual reflection of the original Thai language. Before paying for your own translation, you must ensure that the translation of documents containing legal and business terminology is accurate and beyond the capabilities of store front translation agencies. In case there be some discrepancy between the original Thai language and your English translation, then a Court will generally give priority to the Thai original.

Cloud7 Legal Services is backed up by a team of professioanl translators who provide highly-rated professional translation and proofreading services to enable you to communicate with your Thai clients or business associates conveniently and meaningfully. Cloud7 Legal Services translators will closely work with you to produce correct English translations keeping in mind the idiosyncrasies and the cultural sensitivities of each national language. We ensure all translation, editting and proofreading is undertaken by professional natives of Thailand having adequate legal experience.