Performing a Title Deed Search is a vital process before purchasing a property in Thailand. Undertaking this initial step helps you identify if the property has any outstanding liens, if it is a leasehold property, and the documentation type that has been issued.

Moreover, performing a title deed search can help you verify the status of the 49:51% foreign ownership ratio.

The Cloud7 Legal Services lawyers will help you in accumulation and assessment of the ownership documents and land deeds. The lawyers then accompany you to the appropriate Land Department for the verification of the documents directly.




Nor Sor Si Jor (Chanote Title or Title Deed Certificate)

This a proper title deed that is accurately surveyed and marked by Land Office posts. This land title states that the land is available for sale and transfer as long as there is no restrctions from the owner in selling or transferring the land due to which the new owner is not able to sell or transfer for the next 5 or 10 years even if the ownership of the estate is approved.


Nor Sor Sam (NS 3)

The Distric land Office issues the this land title deed with a clear approval of ownership which can be sold or leased by publishing 30 days notice to the public. This type of land title is less accurately surveyed as compared to a Chanote.


Nor Sor Sam Kor (NS 3 K)

The NS3K is issued by corresponding land office. Like NS 3, this document is also surveyed but issued in a region which has no parcel points set by using an aerial survey. The title poses no restrictions on the use of the land and there is no need for advertisements of any legal acts, you may subdivide your plot of land into smaller units.


Nor Sor Song (NS 2)

The Land Department issues the NS 2 to the holder. This document is an agreement letter that entitles the holder to take over and use the land for a limited time period. The holder has to occupy and use the NS2 land within 6 months and has to complete the land utilization within 3 years from the date of receipt of NS 2. In addition, the land can only be sold or transferred by inheritance. This document can also be upgraded to NS 3, NS 3 K or NS 4 J (Chanote) depending on the location of the land. However, the prohibition for sale or transfer is still enforceable after the upgradation.


Sor Kor Nung (SK 1)

The SK 1 is a land title deed that acts as a notification form of pessession of lands having few rights related to it. The document authorizes the holder to occupy and use the land for farming purposes. The one who truly occupies the land might have an improved right than the one who has solely a notification type. This land can be sold and transferred by inheritance. The transfer process involves the dealings with the notification form and the use of the land from one to another. It's inconceivable to register rights (mortgage, lease, sale, usufruct, etc.) over this land type. This land title may be upgraded to NS 3, NS 3 K or NS 4 J (Chanote) depending on the land's location.