Will Drafting

Death of a near one, especially of your partner can change every perspective of your life negatively. Loss of your spouse, if thought practically is the most unfortunate incident one faces in life. Hence, it is a good decision to have a well-planned Will and Testament when you are young.

To provide future security to your spouse and your loved ones is always a good idea to do, so as to make their future favorable even at your absence. The Thai Will and Testament comes with an all-round strategy to provide your family with insurance when you are no more.


features of a Thai Will

An incorrect Will can create a fuss and various legal complexities among the family members of a person after his death. One of the major problems which arise after a person's death is due to the neglected drafting of the financial assets in his Will. So it is a vital task to sign a contract of your savings, properties, and assets in your Will.

For the ultimate future security of your family, a constitutional Will and testament according to the Thai law and the law of your native country should be created. For your family protection, contact our legal team to seek any help of the same.



The legal assistants are a team of professional lawyers to provide you with all the facilities that you deserve to get from the Thai Will. Get all the drafted assets that are mentioned in your Will, such as the lands, accounts, vehicles, personal possessions, etc.

If a foreign native, who is residing in Thailand, dies and his will is drafted in his home country, the Will policy would be complicated for his family. It is an elaborated procedure for the government of Thailand to take notes of the Will by contacting his family or the lawyer. This is also a time-consuming process of translating the draft and getting it attested by the Thai government. C7 Legal gives all the benefits from a Will to your close members.

What to do in case of the unavailability of Will?

According to the Thai Law(Article 1629), if a person or any of his family members die without having a Will, his assets would be distributed in the following order of preference :

  • Offsprings (children or adopted children)
  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Half siblings
  • Grandparents
  • Uncle and aunt

If the expired person is married, half of his properties would be first given away to his spouse before it is being distributed to the other family members.