Even with a small number of employees, calculating and managing salaries can be a tedious and time-consuming process. With Cloud 7 Legal Services get the full access to flexible payroll services that will improve payroll management for any small and medium scale business.

The payroll management system varies as per the requirements of companies, but our services incorporate the below-mentioned tasks:

  • Payroll Calculations - Calculation of net salary payment including monthly personal withholding tax, over-time payment or other benefits, social fund contributions and other monthly deductions.
  • Pay-slip Creation - A carbon-slip consists of payroll in details for each employee.
  • Submitting Pay Instructions to your Bank - Payroll instructions to be given to the bank to automatically release payment to each employee.
  • Withholding Tax (PND 1) - Preparation of filing form for monthly personal withholding tax for all employees and director(s) to the Revenue Department within the date 7th of each following month.
  • Social Security (SPS 1-10) - Preparation of filing form for monthly social contributions of all employees to Social Fund office within the date 15th of each following month.
  • Withholding Tax Certificate (BIS 50) - Issuance of the certificate of total earning salary, withholding tax, social fund contributions, and provident fund(if any) of the whole calendar year for each employee. This certificate is required for Filing of Personal Income tax returns.
  • Provident Fund - Calculation of provident fund deductions for each employee’s payroll.
  • Workmen’s compensation - Preparation and submission of the annual contribution to the Social Fund Office.
  • Payments to Government Agencies - Submission of the government fee(s) to each government department within the stipulated time.
  • Electronic Reporting - Preparation of payroll reports on a monthly basis for your reference.