• VAT & Withholding Tax - Formulating tax returns with payment administration
  • Social Contributions - Social benefits to the employee’s salaries
  • Reporting Compliance -Issues related to accounting and financial documents
  • Bookkeeping -Creating monthly financial records
  • Payroll Management -Payroll computation and pay slips drafting
  • Annual Audit -Managing reports and filing corporate tax return



Start Ups SMEs Enterprises
Withholding Taxn Withholding Tax Withholding Tax
Value Added Tax Value Added Tax Value Added Tax
Social Fund (4 employees) Social Fund (12 Employees) Social Fund (24 Employees)
Filing and Compliance Filing and Compliance Filing and Compliance
25 Transactions 50 Transactions 150 Transactions
  Quickbooks Bookkeeping Quickbooks Bookkeeping
    Payroll Management



Monthly Tax Management

  • Monthly Corporate Withholding Tax Returns (PND 1, PND 3, PND 53, PND 54)
  • Managing employment income, dividends, interests, royalties, and technical service fees

    Preparing Corporate Withholding Tax Returns Form

    Handling payment with revenue department within the 7th of the following month

  • Monthly Value Added Tax Returns (VAT) (Por Por 30)
  • Regulating VAT debits and credits will be done on a monthly basis

    Preparing Value Added Tax (VAT) Returns Form

    Handling payment with revenue department within the 15th of the following month

    Maintenance of monthly VAT input and output records

  • Social Fund Registration and Return (Sor Por Sor 1-10)
  • Social contributions to the employees’ salaries have to be paid each month

    Company Annual Fund contributions is required at the end of each year

    Handling payment to the Social Fund Office by the 25th of the following month

Monthly Bookkeeping

  • Creating financial statements per month basis:
  • Profit and Loss Statement listing revenue and expenses in a detailed format

    Balance Sheet reflecting summary of assets and liabilities

    Trial balance

    General ledger

    Bank reconciliation

Filing and Compliance

  • Issues related to accounting and financial documents of the company:
  • Invoice/tax invoice

    Withholding tax certificate

    Payment voucher

Payroll Services

    Payroll calculation of withholding income tax, social fund contributions, deductions and allowances, and other benefits

    Creation of monthly carbon pay slips

    Payroll report to submit to the bank

Cash Management (Escrow Account)

    The payment is released upon your approval

    Cash report is presented

    Easier, faster and safe




Annual Corporate Tax return (Annual Audit, PND 50)

This return must be filed within 150 days from the closing of accounting period (balance sheet date). Drafting and documenting Summary Financial Report form (SBC 3), Summary of annual salary (PND 1 Kor), workmen’s compensation, and Corporate income tax returns (PND 50) to Revenue Department, Social Fund Office, and Department of Business Development.


Personal Income Tax return (PND 90, 91, 94)

Taxpayer can register for Personal Income Tax return and make a payment to the Revenue Department within the last day of March following the taxable year. Any withholding tax which has been already paid to the Revenue Department can be used as a credit against the tax liability at the end of the year.


Half Year Corporate Earnings Assessment (PND 51)

The half year report must be reported within sixty days from the end of half year period. The taxable income is computed on one-half of the estimate profit for the full year. However, this return is not applicable for the first accounting period of the company providing.


Annual Withholding Tax Returns for Wages to Employees (PND 1 Kor)

This form summarizes the details of employment, namely wage payments and tax withholding of the whole year and it must be reported to Revenue Department within February of the following year.


Cash Management (Escrow Account)

Social Security Office estimates the amount of Workmen’s Compensation Fund contribution through the Form “Kor Tor 26 Kor” for the next year for your company to pay. It is estimated from previous year salaries that the official has seen from the Social Security form filed through monthly basis for the whole year. In this form, it says the amount you have to pay for the fund of the present year. The payment must be made to the Social Security Office within January.

Form “Kor Tor 20 Kor” which appears on the same paper under Form Kor Tor 26, is for the company to fill out the total figure of previous year payroll. This form is to be compared and corrected with the amount you paid in Form “Kor Tor 26 Kor” of the previous year and make you pay the difference within the end of February (in case you paid too little in previous year) or give you the refund (if you paid too much in previous year).