Thailand is a place known for its rich heritage and culture. The beautiful scenery of Thailand is the perfect location to celebrate your big day. Thailand is the key to every destination wedding. Majority of the individuals fantasizes their weddings to be held in Thailand because of its extraordinary beauty and pleasing spots. With aesthetic and romantic sites here in Thailand, celebrate your dream wedding in the exact way you desired. Exclusive weddings are now made available at comparatively lower rates.




"What is the need of getting legally married in Thailand?"

Legal marriage is a simple process in Thailand. The procedure includes authorization from their native embassy with an allowance of marrying abroad. The legal document then gets translated into Thai to get accepted by the Thai Law, after which the document proceeds to a local office in Thailand for the further marriage process.


"Can a non-Thai national couple get married in Thailand?"

Irrespective of what nationality one belongs to, they are always welcomed to Thailand for their wedding. One has to abide by the Thai law and follow its terms and conditions to get married in Thailand as well as in any part of the globe. One should be registered in their native embassy after the functional marriage has been done.


"What time period does it take to get legally married in Thailand?"

Matrimony takes about 21 days on an average to be published. But with C7 Legal, the entire documentation, translation and legalization process is completed within a span of three to four days with our experts.


"Is it important to get professional legal assistance for getting married in Thailand?

Get better with marriage experience by choosing the very professional and expert lawyers. Contact the expert legal team for the best services in Thailand. Avoid any unforeseen problems that might come uninformed by getting reliable services from the lawyers in Thailand. We look into the overall client's problems for smooth paperwork and in the recognition of the vital documents by the embassy. Exclude any kind of difficulty even if you want to wedlock with a Thai national as we warmly welcome you to our country with a visa application.