In accordance with the Immigration Act of 1979, Section 34 (10) any non-Thai individual gets hold of the approval to enter the Kingdom for temporary stay for educational purpose.

Under Section 35 (3) of the Act, those entering the Kingdom with an educational permit will not be allowed to stay here for a time period exceeding one year. It further states that under exceptional cases where the individual needs to stay for longer than the prescribed period, permission may be granted, but not more than one year at a time. When applying for an extension of temporary stay each time, he/she shall submit an application and pay the fees as required under the Ministerial Regulations.

There are two methods under which educational visa is granted to the students for studying in any institutes of Thailand :

  • Applicants who are applying from a country outside of Thailand: If applying for a non-immigrant “ED” visa at the Royal Thai Consulate in that country then the visa is validated till 90 days and the application fee totally depends on the respective Thai Consulate where the application is being filed.
  • Applicants who are already in Thailand: If he/she is in Thailand and holder of a non-immigrant “O” visa, a tourist visa or any different type of visa, and applying for a visa conversion to a non-immigrant “ED” visa at the immigration department, then the new student visa obtained will be valid for 90 days and the fee for visa conversion is 2,000 THB.

Having obtained a student visa, which is valid for 90 days, you will need to file for an extension if you wish to stay in the Kingdom for a longer period. It is recommended that you contact the immigration department for an extension of stay no less than 15 days before the expiry date of your visa, in order for the officials to process your application. The fee for the extension of stay for a student visa is 1,900 THB for each time and is valid for one year, whereby the student will be required to make a notification of stay in the Kingdom every 90 days at any immigration office throughout the country.



  • Firstly, those wishing to apply for a student visa should apply to the educational institution where they wish to study. If the application gets approved, the institution will issue an acceptance letter or letter of admission, which should be printed on the letterhead of the institution and having details of the course(dates of the first semester, names of courses, etc). This letter of admission is mandatory for the application of a student visa.
  • If applying for a private institution, approval needs to be obtained from the Ministry of Education (“MOE”). In that case, the institution will forward your application documents to the MOE for consideration, and upon approval, the MOE will issue an approval letter, which will be required for the application of your visa.
  • After receiving the letter of admission from the institution, and an approval letter from the MOE in case of a private institution, the student may apply for a non-immigrant Education visa either at the Thailand immigration department or at Royal Thai Consulate in a non-Thai country along with the following necessary documents:
  • A completed and signed Application Form TM 87.
  • A completed and signed Application Form for change of visa TM 86 (for those applying for visa conversion from Thailand).
  • A verified true copy of the student’s passport.
  • The letter of admission issued by the educational institution.
  • An approval letter from the MOE (for private institutions).
  • A 4 x 6 cm size recent photograph.
  • A fee of 2,000 THB.
  • Before applying for the visa extension, the student needs to get admitted into the educational institution and have a registration letter and a receipt of the tuition fees as proof of payment. The student can then apply for an extension of stay in the Kingdom at the immigration department in Thailand, along with the following documents:
  • A completed and duly signed application form for a temporary stay in the Kingdom TM 7.
  • A completed and signed Application Form for change of visa TM 86 (for those applying for visa conversion from Thailand).
  • A verified true copy of the student’s passport.
  • A recent 4 x 6 cm size photograph.
  • A fee of 1,900 THB.
  • A certified document from the Dean of the faculty (in case of a government institution) or the President of a private institution should include the necessary details like full name, age, level of education, nationality, educational transcript, total academic years, a student code (if any), the student’s curriculum and funding.
  • In the case of a private institution, a permit to establish a higher educational institution and an approval document of the President’s appointment is mandatory.